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Anything Including Nigeria Is a Friggin Warning Sign

Kidnapped? Don't panic sweetie I'll contact Interpol!

Oh for crying out loud, how many times do I have to tell you, stop sending money to your online girlfriend, she doesn’t friggin exist! A Naperville man is in disbelief after having sent his online girlfriend around $200,000 (over 2 and a half years) to her …wait for it….bank accounts in Nigeria, Malaysia, England and the United States. Oh hello…NIGERIA!!!!!  Hint, hint!!!! The whole ruse was uncovered when he contacted police asking for help to rescue her after she had been kidnapped in London. Oh boy, the police  eventually had to break the bad news to him … hey mate,  she doesn’t exist anymore and neither does you money. Sheez, a Russian bride would have been cheaper!

Psst Oh yeah, and that photo you have of her, chuck it, it’s from a friggin sample driver’s license from Florida.


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Nigerian Scam Artists

Americans are so gulliable!

OK people, one more time, if someone with a foreign accent rings you and says you have won $5 million and all you have to do to collect it is send them $500, it’s those friggin pesky scamming Nigerian buggers. Just ignore them. Ooh and if they ring you back and say they have thrown in a Mercedes as well, still friggin ignore them. That’s what 86 year old Harry Corl did…oh and rang the FBI too (hmm, but they are probably too busy dealing with friggin Nigerian bombers to care).


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