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Who’d Have The Stomach To Be A Drug Smuggler?

My tummy hurts!A Nigerian drug smuggler has been caught at the Geneva border with 1.7kg of cocaine in his tummy. You would have to be committed! Border guards were shocked when they X-rayed the man and found his stomach contained 123 cocaine filled condoms (18 feet if you stretched it out). Don’t worry yourselves loons, each condom was coated with wax to make the swallowing easier.Geez, he so much as farts he dies! I hope they gave the man a laxative because if he got constipated…kaboom!


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Toilet Terror On Airlines

OK, when he comes out we will all jump him, agreed?

OK people, now that we know there are massive holes in America’s homeland security… hello, even Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s father had warned the US of his son’s fanatical ways…you don’t want to be upchucking in no toilet anytime soon. Some poor Nigerian passenger who was decidedly ill on a Delta Airlines flight caused a scare after he spent an hour in the toilet. Worried flight crew eventually extracted him from his safe haven  and that’s when became verbally abusive. OK, I can see the concern, because it was the same friggin route , airline and flight number as Abdulmutallab and he was Nigerian to boot. Come on people, you can never be too careful after the horse has bolted. Anywho, after being taken into custody and interviewed they were pretty much satisfied the guy was really sick.


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