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Move On Nothing To See Here But Tanning Mom

Oh lord, make this 15 minutes of fame stop!!!!! Patricia Krentcil (aka tanning mom) was a drunken mess at the opening of a nightclub in New York, managing to attack the drag queen host before being unceremoniously removed via the back door. Yes, it was all recorded ….



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Face Off

Imagine having every single bone in your face broken after falling from a four story building. Worse still, imagine, after having major reconstructive surgery, you go out to a nightclub and get glassed in the face. Hmm, Josh Filbay from Victoria knows the feeling. In August Filbay not only broke every bone in his face, he lost every tooth, broke his kneecaps and smashed up his wrists after falling from a building in Belfast. Saturday he went out to a Melbourne nightclub and got glassed in the face. Hmm, what’s the universe telling him?


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EMT Accused of Ignoring Dying Woman Killed

Sheez, remember the emergency medical tech who was accused of refusing to help a dying pregnant woman because he was on a coffee break? Sure you do! No? Click here.  Hmm, well Jason Green was shot in the face and killed outside a New York nightclub this week. Police believe the shooting was unrelated to the past incident.


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