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Royal Wedding Countdown

Like the good loon I have been steering myself clear of writing about the upcoming nuptials of Prince Harry and the TV actress. BUT, in light of her daddy having the paparazzi follow him around Mexico to take the worst staged shots I have ever seen, I can’t help myself any longer. Are you really sure Harry?REALLY?  You have a few days to make a run for it. I’m not sure you really want to add this branch to your family tree. Daddy has now bailed, brother is persona non grata, her ex-besties haven’t got a nice word, her mum is hiding in the shadows and well, it all seems like a mess. To top it all off, the relis who haven’t been invited have hopped over the Atlantic to be guest commentators on various tv networks. Move over Geordie Shore, the Markles are in town.


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Customer Service Nightmare Meltdown

I usually don’t like posting long Youtube clips but this is so friggin hilarious I just simply had to. We begin this rant after 3 and a half hours of some poor customer being given the “please hold” ….”I will just transfer you through to someone who can help” ….. and the “Michelle” runaround.  WARNING Language gets progressively worse as runaround continues…..


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Loon vs Semi at Gibbet Hill

OMG, the loon nearly ended up hanging from a tree at Gibbet Hill, near Perth in Tassie after a local attacked me with his big red and shiny white semi trailer rig because I dared take a photo at a historical site. The site which is where they use to hang convicts is on a road with several residential houses. Seems some locals on that road have anger management issues!I suggest to enter with extreme caution or you too maybe living a scene out of Duel. Yes, of course I took photos of the friggin nightmare. Sheez Tassie!

Update : Evidently the road IS private but
the local council refuse to put up a sign because they say it is up to the owners. Meanwhile tourists are being told it is one of Perth’s historical sites of significance and is featured heavily on the wiki and National Trust sites with map.Hmm, so it’s all right to intimidate tourists with their semis then?

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Kevin Na Nightmare Hole

OMG, how does your husband play? American golf pro Kevin Na has won a title no professional golfer would ever want…carding the worse hole in the history of the Texas Open. Dude got a 16 on one hole after taking a painstaking 20 minutes to complete. If you were thinking this was bad, John Daly holds the all time record with a 18 on a par five in 1998.


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Friggin Locust Egg Beds

OMG, whilst I’m on the theme of Armageddon, farmers in rural Victoria have unearthed beds of locust eggs some 15m long. Plague! Plague! Plague! So far the Department of Primary Industries has had 430 reports of locust egg beds.If they hatch it will be a second generation locust nightmare. The area is only just recovering from the initial plague. So why hasn’t Hollywood got wind of this?


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