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Ninjas After Malaysian Throne

Ninjas After Malaysian ThroneTen ninjas were stopped outside Malaysia’s royal palace as they attempted to claim the throne. Hey, hang on a minute aren’t ninjas suppose to be invisible? Anywho, the head ninja claimed he had a letter of appointment from the Philippines laying out the royal claim.  The big bummer is Malaysia has a law forbiding anyone to challenge the King’s authority, which means these ninjas face life in jail. It’s hard being a ninja these days.

Want sauce with that?


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The Ninjas Did It

teen shot in groin says ninjas did itTelling people you were shot by  ninjas is no way to go through life son. The teen, who rocked up to hospital with a gunshot wound to his groin, originally told police he’d been shot by two men dressed as ninjas but when police found no evidence at the scene the kid confessed he had accidentally shot himself. Not cool to be telling that to your gang members.


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Friggin Ninjas

Holy Shinobi Batman. Ninjas have been blamed for robbing Deli Cioso, a Mexican restaurant in Longmont. Owner Rudy Masia swears several tiny black clad warriors  entered his establishment and stole his takings. He told police they weren’t carrying large knives or swords but were ninjas all the same. Despite officers bringing in the sniffer dogs they were unable to find scent of a ninja. OMG they must be ninjas then!


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