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Burka Rage

Sheez, lucky I wasn't wearing my vest!!!

A retired teacher Jeanne Ruby (63) went a little troppo when she spied a woman wearing a niqab in a home furnishing shop in Paris. She ran up to the unsuspecting woman and asked her to remove the veil because it was offensive. She was pretty much ignored by Shaika Al-Suwaidi who was shopping with a friend and two snowflakes. When Mrs Ruby spotted a still veiled Al-Suwaidi a few minutes later, she flew across the store and ripped the niqab off her head before scratching and slapping the stunned woman. In an interview following the incident an unrepentent Mrs Ruby said “For me, wearing the veil is an act of aggression; I felt attacked as a woman,” and “It’s no more than a muzzle and all that’s missing is the reins. It’s the negation of womanhood.”


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Honey, Have You Seen My Shaver?

You know sometimes wearing a veil can be a blessing. An Arab ambassador got the shock of his life when he discovered the woman he married was cross-eyed and had a beard. Bummer. The woman who he had only met a few times hid her appearance under a niqab. Hmm, poor bugger only discovered the ugly truth after he finished signing the marriage contract and attempted to kiss her.  Fortunately he was able to convince the Islamic Sharia court he had been deceived by the woman’s mother who had shown him pictures of her sister instead of the bride-to-be. Annulment accepted.


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One Eyed Veils

OK, another cleric has been airing his views on satellite TV . Mr ultra-conservative Muslim cleric, Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan, wants all women in Saudi Arabia to wear the niqab, a full veil that only reveals one eye. Gosh, I’d be walking into walls. Hmm, he believes that showing both eyes would encourage woman to use make-up to look more seductive (and that’s bad because?).  I guess he has a point, you can’t really do much with one eye. How much of a Muslim woman’s face should be covered has long been a controversial topic in Muslim debate. I am guessing you can’t get more covered up than a one eyed veil, now can you?.


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