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Um, About the Toilets!

Happy place...happy place

Picture this… being on a cruise ship with  4,465 other  passengers and not one friggin flushing toilet. Dear god, 4465 you say? The horror cruise began with a fire in the engine room and a little evacuation of passengers to the upper decks….BUT then the 4,466 passengers discovered, that despite the emergency generator being cranked up, there was no aircon, hot food or place to crap.  Dear god, I think I would have to hang my butt over the edge, I don’t cross my legs or clench my butt cheeks for no one. Anywho, the good news is a tugboat is heading to the Carnival Splendor (which is about 150 miles south of San Diego) to tow it and the hot, hungry and full bladdered passengers back to civilization.


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