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North Korea’s Internet Down

computer woman 2Oo Oh, don’t mess with the US, Pongyang, or your internet might go poof!!!North Korea is currently suffering major internet outages following their hacking of Sony and Obamas threat to respond. OMG, I hope Kim Jong Un doesn’t have to restart Candy Crush, that would be a bitch. This may be the start of cyber attack wars. Dear lord, can you back up Flappy Bird?


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How Are We To Get On Pinterest Now

Attention good people of Syria, don’t bother ringing your internet provider because the whole country has lost friggin internet connection. In other words you might want to seek shelter as the last time it happened all hell broke loose with military kabooming and stuff…. just saying.

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Egypt Unplugged

OMG, Egypt’s internet is currently unplugged. The kill switch was pulled by the government as protesters called for the end of President Hosni Mubarak’s nearly 30-year rule. The internet blackout has raised eyebrows around the world. Surely it can’t be THAT easy to get a government to force all their internet providers to pull their plugs? Hmm, maybe it is! Oh and if you think you can Tweet or Facebook from your cell phone in Egypt during these protests and riots, think again, all cell phone calls have been blocked too! I’m guessing they don’t want the world to know what is really going on!

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