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Are You Insane?


The lacoste wearing Norweigian serial killer who is Anders Behring Breivik has been deemed ….. wait for it …. mentally insane. Seriously? Seems his bomb attack and then murder spree, which left 77 people dead and 151 injured, was triggered by paranoid schizophrenia. So that means no prison for him, just a psychiatric hospital. Oh goodie, so he will have an unblemished record when he’s released.


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Oh for crying out loud, what is wrong with this picture? A judge in England decided not to send a man, who attacked two men during a brawl, to jail so he could come live in Australia with his wife and family. WTF, we stopped taking convicts years ago, didn’t we? James O’Neill got a “get out of Jail free” card when his lawyer argued that O’Neill would be unable to enter Australia if he had a custodial sentence.

Want sauce with that?


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It’s Criminal!

Simply brilliant, the Sentencing Advisory Panel in the UK has asked judges and magistrates NOT to give prison sentences to “ordinary” burglars unless they cause damage or hurt someone. Nanny State, Nanny State. Hello, if it wasn’t for petty thieves Australia wouldn’t be the country it is today! This comes after reports reveal that burglaries have increased 1% from the previous year. It sends a nice clear message to anyone thinking about taking up the thieving occupation, it’s OK as long as you don’t hurt anyone. Hmm, they might as well not make it a crime to steal. Welcome to anarchy!

Psst Hmm, if this is the new guidelines, maybe they should make it legal for the VICTIM to dish out their own form of punishment if they catch the shits stealing their possessions!


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