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You Gotta Be La Kidding Me

It took French customs, social security and the police transport division, several months of surveillance of a Paris souvenir shop before they finally made an arrest.Drugs do I hear you say? Tsk, tsk, it was 13 tons of mini Eiffel Towers. Seems the family run souvenir shop were selling them without a permit. Those bastards! Father, mother and son were all arrested.


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Council Bans Feeding The Homeless

Don't feed the people please!

Don't feed the people please!

A church organization has been ordered to stop feeding the homeless because they don’t have permits to serve food.The City of Bayswater slapped the order on Shopfront, the Catholic Church run organization located in Maylands, Western Australia last week.  Shopfront has about 100 volunteers who provide food and support to the 1500 (and growing) disadvantaged people who seek their help each month. The food is regularly donated from local Catholic schools, charities and individuals. Hmm, watch the crime rate in that area soar! Some of the locals are concerned that Maylands has become “homeless central” after other suburbs have taken measures to remove them out of their areas.Feed them and they will come!

Psst There were rumors that the Perth City council had given the homeless free train tickets to get them out of the Capital City’s center and into the suburbs.


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