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You Just Can’t Get Real Pilots These Days

OK, he really isn't a pilot but so far so good!

Just when you thought it was safe to fly, a Swedish man has been arrested in Amsterdam as he was about to fly his 101 passengers to Turkey. Problem? He didn’t have a friggin pilot’s licence. OK, he had flown small planes before but not friggin Boeings. Turkey’s Corendon Airlines said WTF he had been flying with them for 2 years and had no idea he had used false papers. Hmm, well he seemed to doing a fine job despite not knowing WTF he was doing!


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Jet Pack Anyone?

OK, here’s hoping this is a friggin hoax. A New Zealand company are planning to sell a commercial jet pack capably of flying more than a mile high in the air and at maximum speeds of 60mph. Oh and here’s the clincher, you won’t need a pilot’s licence because it weighs less than 115kg. Dear god, what could possibly go wrong? Martin Aircraft Company, located in Christchurch, plan  to make 500 jet packs a year. Great, now we got another place we have to look…up!


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