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Noah’s Lark

Grab your tin foil hats and sit down while I tell you about the future. Apparently a time traveller has come back to warn us. Introducing Noah, who believes he is from 2030. In fact he has taken a lie dectector test to prove he is telling the truth. Insert an eye roll anywhere you like.  He said he snuck back in time to warn us. OK, 12 years into the future isn’t a biggie but each to their own. Here’s the low down on what the future holds. Trump will win a second term, Google Glass robots will run the place and we will get to Mars by 2028. Still no cure for cancer!

PSST Here’s the video of him if you are interested….


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Tsunami Escape Pod Anyone?

It didn’t take long. A Japanese company is making a fortune building Tsunami escape pods. Yep, the fiberglass contraption is called Noah,  floats, has a pole to hang on to and can hold up to four adults . It will set you back $4,000. So far over 600 of these bright yellow pods have been sold.

Psst I wonder if I could buy mine in red, with maybe some nice seating and  a snack bar as it could be a long wait bobbing out to sea!


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