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So Much For Peace Prize!




You know what I hate? When your incarcerated hubby wins a Nobel Peace Prize and you suddenly disappear while in Chinese police custody. I really friggin hate that! Liu Xia, the wife of controversial Nobel winner Liu Xiaobo, hasn’t been seen since police took her into custody moments after her husband won the award.Xiaobo, a writer,  is currently serving an 11 year jail sentence for subversion after penning Charter 08. Lawyers for Xia are concerned for her safety after her mobile phone was switched off. Originally they believed the police were escorting her to visit her husband in prison but now they are not so sure!

Psst Oh and by the way, if you try Googling “Nobel Peace Prize” or “Liu Xiaobo” on a Chinese server you will come up with zilch, nada, zip!


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Hang On Just One minute

Not so fast Mr President

Not so fast Mr President

Hmm, Republicans may have a nice little draw card up their sleeve in stopping the old Obama Nobel Peace Prize train ride. Nothing like a little Constitution clause to stop the love. Oooh and I quote Article 1, Section 9…the EMOLUMENT CLAUSE…”And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State.” Dagnabbit! If you want to be knit pickie the Nobel Peace Prize falls right under the Emolument Clause. Awkward. Ooh and that prize money he says he will give to charity and reduce his income tax by $500,000 is legally not his to give away! The gift “shall become the property of the United States.” Geez, who would want to be President!


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Nobel Peace Prize Competitor

and the winner receives!

and the winner receives!

In light of the recent controversy surrounding the Nobel Peace Prize award I hereby announce a new award which will be forever  known as the Friggin F***ers Prize. Yes, nominees for this prestigious award are now open. Categories include…

The Friggin Environmental F***ers – Individual, group or company who have successfully added to the global warming process (via  man made disasters , green house gas emission etc )  and thus dramatically  reduced the survival chances of our future generations.

The Friggin Pharmaceutical F***ers – Individual, group or company who have knowingly screwed sick people and/ or have produced nasty addictive type drugs and/or created undue worldwide panic over a disease or sickness  in the name of profit.

Friggin F***ers Prize – An individual who has without doubt f***ed up the world more than anyone else on the planet …oh and without remorse.

Psst Losing nominees names will not be disclosed for 50 years.


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