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For Whom The Bell Tolls

You’ll have to speak up

The hills will not longer be alive with the sound of cowbells in one Austrian village. Seems not everyone enjoys the clang, clang, clang, they make, especially during the night. A court has ordered a farmer to remove the “traditional” bells from his herd after a neighbor complained.

Psst Hmm, I’m guessing the cows are friggin pleased too!!!




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The Movie Had It All, Action, Thriller, Drama, Suspence

You talking to me?

OK, here’s the thing movie goers in Latvia, never tell a loud popcorn munching man to shut the hell up while watching Black Swan, because that’s a shooting. The 27 year old graduate of the police academy, who holds a doctorate in law from the University of Latvia, waited until the end of the movie (considerate) before opening fire on the man who had complained about his eating habits.

Psst Yes, the man died.


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