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Queer Guy For the Straight Eye

Fashion guru

Pot calling the kettle!

Sheez, ever since Kim Jong Il became a fashion guru of sorts, he has become highly critical of the international community. He makes no secret of the fact he loathes Imadinnerjacket’s love of grey suits but now poor old Hillary has come under the microscope of Il fashion. I’m guessing her comfy (more than one wear) orange pantsuit she whipped out for her recent visit to Manila was the last straw.

OK, he may have a point!

OK, he may have a point!

Suddenly out of Pyongyang comes these hurtful insults “Sometimes she looks like a primary schoolgirl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping.” Hell Hills, I wouldn’t put up with that. I think you should at least pull the piss on his chin high pants (in the most diplomatic way of course).Gosh, they don’t hold back do they? A foreign ministry spokesman for the North Korean government went on to say “Her words suggest that she is by no means intelligent,” Ah OK, this must be in response to her bitchy remarks about the UN’s lazy ass attitude towards the North’s nuclear and missile testing which have resulted in the death of 8 fish.

An oldie but a goodie….


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