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Darwin Award

A thong wearing idiot tried to blow up an ATM in Australia’s Northern Territory. The impact of the explosion blew him out of his thongs.


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A Dingo Took My Sleeping Bag

I was cold!!!!

A teenage girl woke up to discover  she was being dragged  from her family caravan by a dingo. The dingo had latched onto her  sleeping bag and was pulling her into the night. Hmm, my advice is, sleep with one eye open and the caravan door closed when camping in the Northern Territory.

Psst Gee, if you thought Lindy had a hard time convincing people a dingo took her baby imagine this family…a dingo took my 13 year old and her sleeping bag!!!!


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Tailgated By A UFO

I only wanted to ask directions!!!

You know what I hate? Being friggin tailgated by a UFO, that’s what! Some Aussie guy in the Northern Territory claims after leaving Tennant Creek a bright light suddenly appeared behind his car. He thought it was another car’s headlights but got the surprise of his life when the lights got brighter and he realized something was hovering above him. The man who only wants to be identified as Aiden said to himself “no, no, no, not me, go and take someone else, I am not interested,” The bright white/orange light followed him for about half an hour before vanishing. Hmm, well that was pretty much an anti-climax. Gosh, not so much as “take me to your leader” or an anal probe!

Psst It is quite a common occurance and the Aborgines call them ‘min min’ lights.


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I Think It’s A Croc

Cue eyebrow raise. This photo of a Northern Territory  monster croc, believed to have been caught in the 1990’s , has been scaring the shit out of people on the net. Now, locals near Manangoora claim there is another friggin one,  just  like it, stealing their cattle. Hmm, I don’t loons, looks fake to me…or is that just wishful thinking?


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Friggin Gag Order


Remember the dude who wheeled a trolley full of jerry cans and fireworks into a Northern Territory Insurance office and ignited it, injuring 19 people? Well, guess what he’s been up to? Throwing poo and spitting at prison officers. In fact the man named only as Bird, had to be gagged when he made his court appearance and will be appearing via video link next time because of his excrement throwing tantrums. Hmm, guess he is going for an insanity plea!


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Grave Robbing Proof Fence

You know what I hate? When friggin dogs start digging up graves, I really hate that! Workers in the Northern Territory are putting up fences around several cemeteries in remote communities to stop them digging up bones of the deceased.

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Ingenious Indigenous Drug Smugglers

Oh for goodness sakes people, will you quit smuggling your friggin drugs and alcohol into the remote indigenous communities via roadkill! It’s friggin gross for starters. Evidently, the latest craze is to gut a dead animals found on the side of the road, fill the carcass with alcohol and ganja (cannabis) and then stitch the creature back up. Politicians are concerned that people in the Northern Territory are resorting to these types of actions to get around the current restrictions on the purchasing of alcohol.No really, you think? Seems that now the flow of alcohol has been somewhat stemmed there is now a massive increase in drug use. Rock and a hard place me thinks.


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Crocodile Arrested

What's for lunch officer?

What's for lunch officer?

You have the right to remain silent, anything you say could be used against you in a court of….WTF. Northern Territory police arrested a crocodile and threw her in jail for several days for loitering! Yes that’s right loitering, the 2m female salty was found hanging around a town at Arrkuluk acting all innocent and stuff but the police knew  it was simply a ruse  so they arrested her. After doing paper, rock, scissors one of the officers bounded and gagged her, before they bundling her into the back of the ute and took her to the lock up. For three days she wandered around in the police cell getting grumpier and grumpier (food was shit I guess) hissing at the cops until the Top End croc farm came to bail her out! Hopeful she has learned her lesson!


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Whose Been Sleeping In My Bed?

Is that a snake or are you just happy....it's a friggin snake!!!

Is that a snake or are you just happy....it's a friggin snake!!!

WTF, a stalker snake on the loose in the Northern Territory, feet up everyone! Jeff Hosie believes there is a bad assed snake on the loose intent in harassing his family. Mr Hosie first came in contact with the snake when he woke up in the middle of the night to find it attached to his nose. Hmm, evidently the snake just sunk his fangs in for no particular reason (bet he was snoring). The next night the snake slithered into the bed of his 16 year old son and bit him on the back of his leg! A snake expert thinks it might be a non venomous slatey- grey,  I think it’s a friggin snake with issues (probably likes hogging the bed!). Sleep tight!

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That Will Teach You

Quit complaining I gotta walk back!

Quit complaining I gotta walk back!

AHAHHAHHA, good old fashion punishment.A Northern Territory father has taken a interesting approach to punishment (considering all the restrictions these days) by making his five year old son walk 2 and half hours to school everyday after he got kicked off the school bus.Yep, naughty little Jack Burt threw an apple core at the bus drivers head and was bus banned for 5 days. After Jack fessed up to his dad Sam Burt, he decided the little tyke should learn a lesson. So every morning the duo woke up at 5.10am and walked the 13kms from Herbert to Humpty Doo (yes it is a real name!).After the 5 days of punishment Mr Burt took out a public notice in the Northern Territory newspaper “Jack Burt and his dad wish to thank all the kind people who stopped to offer them lifts in the past week. It’s good to see a number of good people in the community. Jack hopes to be allowed back on the bus on Monday.” Well, the story doesn’t quite finish there, come Monday morning Jack was back in trouble. So Mr Burt threatened little Jack with after school walks home.A teary little Jack wasn’t impressed because he feared he wouldn’t get home before dark. Ah, but his dad was quick to reassure him it was OK, they would leave the key out for him!

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