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Not What You Want

Look away loons, this is not pretty. A woman in India thought she was getting a cold after feeling a weird nasal sensation . Off she toddled to the docs who referred her to a hospital to have her nasal cavity flush out. When the discomfort continued she went to another hospital where they performed a nasal endoscopy. It was then that they discovered the culprit. A live roach was living in a space between her eyes and brain. Evidently it had crawled up her nose found a nice little bachelor pad and wasn’t going to leave without a fight. It took 45 minutes to remove the squatter after an epic battle using suction and forceps. I hope they sprayed it good.

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Snakes Alive!!!!

OK Loons, one more time, DON’T kiss a snake. Any snake. Just ask the Chinese woman in Thailand…..


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Wife Loses Nose

When Mrs Yang told her hubby some home truths about his lazy, stubborn and neglectful ways he responded by biting her nose off and eating it. The incident was triggered when Mrs Yang ignored his phone calls following a fight which resulted in a furious hubby storming into her work and attacking her. He ran off with her nose in his mouth and hasn’t been seen since. Hmm, might want to cross lazy off her list.

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Guess Who Picked A Winner?

OK folks, one of the disadvantages of being famous is you just can’t pick your boogers in peace. Click the picture below and try and guess who was caught searching for a little green man …..

Go on click it!!!


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Up Your Nose With A …….

Paramedics and firefighters were a little surprised when they were called out to three year old Nathan Korol’s  house, hmm, maybe because he had the antenna of his remote control car stuck up his nostril. Of course they couldn’t get the dam thing out, he had to go to hospital to have it surgically removed. Seems the problem was the antenna had a hook at the end which penetrated his nostril and got stuck. When help arrived the remote control car was hanging from his nose.  Snowflake 0, Remote Control Car 1


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