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John Edwards Not Guilty


Well surprise, surprise, former Presidential candidate has got himself off the hook.  The jury have found him not guilty of  campaign fraud stemming from his 2008 run for pressie . It was believed he had used up to a million bucks of it to cover up his affair with mistress Rielle Hunter while his wife was dying of cancer. Edwards’ lawyer argued that he used money donated to him personally from an elderly supporter and a former campaign treasurer.


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You WANT What?

Not only does alleged mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik want to plead “not guilty” he also wants to wear a “uniform” during a “public” hearing so he can tell his side of the story about why he cold bloodedly killed innocent human beings. Dude, I don’t think you have the right to request anything!


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Darcey Freeman’s Father Pleads Not Guilty

Lest We Forget

Who could forget  Darcey Freeman, the little girl who was killed after she was allegedly thrown from the Westgate bridge by her father Arthur Freeman? Well, surprise, surprise, daddy’s pleaded not guilty in the Victorian Supreme Court. Seems he was mentally impaired at the time. It is alleged he rang his ex, so she could say goodbye to her children, before stopping in the emergency lane , carrying his daughter to the railings and throwing her over  into the cold Yarra River (50m drop). It was to be the 4 year old’s first day at school. RIP Darcey.


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You’re Pleading What?

Oh for crying out loud, Jared Loughner has pleaded NOT GUILTY to killing six people and attempting to kill congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. WTF? Did the CCTV footage show some else pulling the trigger? Oooh, oooh let me guess, “insanity” defense?


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Strike One!

Shut the hell up!!!!

Sandra Maloney (70) breathed a sigh of relief this week after she was found not guilty of beating a peacock to death with a baseball bat outside her condo in Hawaii. You see the damn thing had been keeping her awake every night with its incessant friggin squawking that in the end she just “lost it” . After killing the damn thing she had planned on eating it. The defence argued that peacocks in Hawaii were a friggin “invasive species” and needed to be controlled.

Want sauce with that?


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Are You Insane?

Is it me or are Australian laws a friggin disgrace? A man in Sydney has been found not guilty of murder, after hitting a 9 month old baby with a crutch and almost cutting her head off with a meat cleaver, on grounds of mental illness. Jayant Kumar Singh was babysitting three young children for a friend when he lost it and attacked the child. The judge ordered Mr Singh detained in a prison hospital “until released by due process of the law”. This means that when he is eventually released there will be no criminal record next to his name.

Psst Our society needs to get back to people (insane or not) being accountable for their actions. I am not saying that he should serve time in jail but the community should be protected. Why shouldn’t he have a murder conviction and spend his time in a mental institution?


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Rape Proof Jeans?

OMG, a man in Australia has been acquitted of rape because the victim’s skinny jeans were so tight there was no way he could have got them off by himself. Nicholas Gonzales said the woman had consensual sex despite her claims he had ripped them off before the attack. The jury sided with Mr Gonzales believing that it would be extremely hard to have removed the tight jeans without help.


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DNA Again Proves A Man’s Innocence


Well I think there may be a party going on in New York tonight in honor of Frank Sterling who has just been exonerated after spending 19 years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. Hallelujah for DNA people. Mr Sterling originally confessed to the murder of 74 year old Viola Manville in 1988 after being interrogated all night and then slipping into a hypnotic state. Despite years of protesting his innocence it was only recent DNA testing that vindicated the truck driver and also identified the real killer as being Mark Christie ( who has now confessed).


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Scales Of Justice


Oh my, how gross.  James Jones of Edinburgh apparently did not weigh his penis on a fruit and veg scale at a Scotmid store. Shop assistant Melanie Gugliemino claimed she saw Mr Jones and his mate at the scales with what looked like his penis exposed. When she confronted them, Mr Jones told her  “We are just having our privates weighed”. Agnes Fagan, the store manager who was watching the CCTV footage at the time also believed they had put their penises on the scale. Unfortunately the footage, when viewed in court, was inconclusive as there was no clear shot of their privates. Court therefore found him not guilty of public indecency. Hmm, guess we will never know how much it weighed!

Psst Remind me never to use scales ever again!


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