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Is Killer Targeting Pregnant Women?

Holy Patricia Cornwall Batman, seems New York police maybe hunting a serial killer who is targeting pregnant women. A frightening scenario is emerging after a note was found under the body of a pregnant woman who had been murdered the day before her wedding. In the note the killer is threatening  to murder one pregnant woman every month until the “D.C. Sniper” is released. Yes, that’s right, he’s talking about Lee Boyd Malvo, the guy who murdered 10 people in Washington D.C. by shooting people from the trunk of his car. Police haven’t ruled out, however, that the note is merely a ruse to distract them from the investigation. Evidence suggests that the killer knew his victim as there was no forced entry. There is also a bloody fingerprint on the note.

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That’s No Way To be A Robber, Son.

You know you suck at robbery when you have to ask a Subway cashier for a pen so you can write a hold up note.The dumbass then sat down in a booth , wrote his demands on a piece of paper and then waited for all the customers to leave. When he eventually handed the cashier the note she pressed the alarm button. You can pretty much guessed what happened from there. Such is the life of a crack addict.


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