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How To Catch A Somali Pirate

Somali pirate chief arrested in BrusselsWant to know the easiest way to catch a notorious Somali pirate chief ? Well, you pretend you’re a Belgium film crew wanting to do a doco on his life and organise him and his accomplice to fly into Brussels to sign the movie contract.  Mohamed Abdi Hassan, AKA  “Big Mouth” and partner in crime Mohamed Aden “Tiiceey” are now sitting in a cell in Belgium facing kidnapping, piracy and organised crime charges after being lured out of Nairobi by a movie deal . In 2009 the pair allegedly hijacked a Belgian ship, the Pompei, and held it for 70 days. Big Mouth is believed to be one of the head honchos in the Somali piracy business.


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They Have Some Nerve

Mate, give the European Court of Human Right a buzz!

Oh my, seems three notorious British killers, who have been sentenced to die in jail, have approached the European Court of Human Rights because they believe their ‘human rights’ have been violated. Jeremy Bamber (slaughtered 5 members of his family), Peter Moore (murdered 4 men, 3 of which were gay) and Douglas Vinter (killed work colleague and later his wife) are all serving ‘whole life’ (no chance of parole) sentences for their heinous crimes but they want the chance to be released if they can prove they have reformed. Hmm seems life in jail is “inhuman” and “degrading” according to them. The Bigger problem is if the unelected European Court of Human Rights agrees, it could mean the Moors Murderer Ian Brady, Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe and even Rose West could someday be free too. Now wouldn’t that be nice. And what ‘human rights’ were all the victims given again?



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