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Most Inappropiate Tweet of the Week

goes to ….. the NRA member who tweeted this… “Good morning, shooters. Happy Friday! Weekend plans?”

Obviously doesn’t own a TV.

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Holy Loaded Gun Batman

If you are going to get shot, a gun safety class in a church is good a place as any I guess. Just ask Robert Frauman Jr, he was shot in the foot by his instructor during his concealed weapons certification class at Summit church. The NRA were quick to add that  ammunition is strictly forbidden during classes. Oh boy, instructor Michael Phillips will have some explaining to do then. As for the church, they say they won’t be having no more classes like that again!


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Annie Get Your Gun, Quick!

Holy Heston, Batman. Y’all better be getting some guns, the democrats are back in town and they’re not happy. Evidently gun enthusiasts (oh and a few white supremacists) have been stocking up on firearms, fearing an introduction of tough new gun laws (well, it couldn’t get anymore lenient!). It’s true, just ask poor little Austin Smith who turned to his mom after the elections and said “Does this mean I won’t get a new gun for Christmas?”. How sad. Not to worry the next day Austin’s mama was off to the nearest gun store to buy the little blighter a 20-gauge shotgun (that’s showing them). No one puts my little Austin in the corner.She’s planning to purchase 4 more before Obama U-hauls his butt to the White House.As the election drew to a close and people realized Obama was the likely winner, firearm purchases rose 15%. Gun stores all over the countryside are experiencing record sales.One Georgia shop front had a sign “Obama Sale” (but was forced to take it down).Ooh and bless the NRA, they came out a firing saying Obama was the “most anti gun president in American history.” Personally, I don’t think anyone should be panicking just quite yet, by the time Obama deals with the economic crisis, sorts out Bush’s messes and house trains the new goddam puppy dog it’ll be back to the polling booths again!

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