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Nutter Alert

A man has flipped out in  a NSW Family Law court and is now holding his daughter hostage claiming he has a bomb in his backpack. The drama unfolded early this morning when he rocked up at the Paramatta court with his 11 year old daughter in tow . He stormed into a female clerks office and asked for a man she had never heard of.  He left and returned a few minutes later telling her he had a bomb in his backpack. The female clerk, Betty Hor, told media “Its my unlucky day,”  The man, chucked a small hissy fit before going  up to the next floor with his poor daughter. He then plonked  a judge’s wig on his head, smashed a window and threw a phone out. Negotiations are still in full swing as the police try to work out what the hell has upset him. A custody battle has been ruled out. The area remains in lock down.


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