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3D Printed Guns Banned

Thank you John Howard for your forward thinking. Today NSW banned the possession of blueprints for 3D printed guns. This is the first and hopefully not the last to do so. The penalty for violating this law has been set at 14 years in prison.


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It Must Have Been The Sherry In The Trifle, Officer

Oh dear, a 90 year old woman has been caught drink driving in NSW. She recorded a 0.230 during a random breath test and was promptly arrested. Sheez, might want to lay off the sherry gran!

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Another Body in Belanglo

Just when you thought it was safe to venture into Belanglo State Forest (NSW) again, after serial killer Ivan Milat’s killing sprees of the 1990s, trail bike riders have found more friggin bones, including a skull. Everybody panic!!! The skeletal remains have been confirmed as being human but it is too early to speculate if this yet another one of  Milat’s victims. Milat is serving a life time of woe x7 for killing seven backpackers in the same forest in the 1990’s. The movie Wolf Creek is loosely based on this psycho!


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NSW Named and Shamed Food Outlets

It must be that time of the year again when NSW names and shames food outlets. Two noted recipients of the health and safety violation fines are Delicious Noodle in  Tarree  for selling food with a roach in it and having a premises literally crawling with the pests and Bankstown Bakehouse who sold a loaf of bread with a cockroach embedded in a slice.  Kinda makes you want to eat at home!


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Oh For Farting Out Loud!

Pardon me!

OMG, 15 firefighters and two tankers responded to a report of a strong smell of gas near Bendigo, NSW, only to discover it was a 120kg farting pig letting off the fumes. Being a high risk fire area the fire service weren’t taking any chances but were mildly amused when they arrived and found a huge sow contentedly letting them rip. One firefighter quipped “I don’t know what they were feeding this thing but we certainly heard it.” Friggin swine!


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