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You’re On Your Own!

Can't wait for that shower!

OK, here’s the thing people, if you happen to survive a nuclear blast don’t be expecting anyone to be coming to your rescue anytime soon. In fact the White House has warned state and local governments they’d be damn lucky if a response from a “nuclear” terrorist attack happened within 24-72 hours. Hello, if  Hurricane Katrina is anything to go by, I’d be thinking  more likely 350hrs to NEVER! So if by some off chance you are caught in a 10 kiloton nuclear explosion here’s what the government suggests you do, unless of course you’ve already been vaporized, stay indoors, have a shower and wait. Pretty easy to remember.


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Duck and Cover

OK, let me first start by saying one of the Madhatters found this clip but I laughed so hard I thought I would share it with the loons. This is a snippet from a safety video produced in 1951 by the United States Federal Government’s Civil Defense branch advising people what to do in case of a nuclear bomb attack. Oh and the government never lies!

Psst Hiding under your newspaper…priceless.


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