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Did North Korea Just Complete a Nuclear Test?



When South Korea rattles from a 4.9 magnitude quake the world friggin panics . Seems everyone is questioning whether the quake was set off by North Korea messing with nuclear bombs. Damn you Mayans and damn you double, Kim Jong Un!!!!


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So That’s How They Are Smuggling Radioactive Isotopes To Iran

No need to panic but WTF! A passenger has been caught at a Moscow airport allegedly on his way to Tehran with  radioactive isotope Sodium-22 in his hand luggage. A warning system at customs went friggin berserk after it detected radiation 20 times the norm in the departure area . Hello, I would have gone friggin berserk too!!! After a search of a passenger’s bags they discovered eighteen metallic objects (the radioactive isotope) contained in individual steel boxes.  Pity the fool who sat next to him. Glow much? I bet if they searched his luggage they’d find 50 grey suits with Imadinnerjacket’s name on them.


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Duck and Cover

OK, let me first start by saying one of the Madhatters found this clip but I laughed so hard I thought I would share it with the loons. This is a snippet from a safety video produced in 1951 by the United States Federal Government’s Civil Defense branch advising people what to do in case of a nuclear bomb attack. Oh and the government never lies!

Psst Hiding under your newspaper…priceless.


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