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Europe is Aglow

No need to panic just yet but OMG,  low levels of  radiation have been detected across Europe over the past few days. More concerning is the trace of iodine-131, which is a radiation associated with a leaky nuclear reactor or the detonation of nuclear weapon. So far no one knows the origin of the leak or which country it is coming from. Run people, run!!!!

Psst Hmm, maybe it’s  China’s way of effectively cleaning up Europe’s financial mess?????


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Honey, Why Are You Glowing?

Nothing, dear!

Heavens to murgatroid, a Swedish man has been arrested for attempting to split atoms in his kitchen. Richard Handi told police it was his hobby. The dude had friggin radioactive elements including radium, americium and uranium in his apartment and was trying to set up a nuclear reactor. All kudos though, he did manage to create a small meltdown on his stove during his experiments. Handi’s life as a DIY nuclear physicist came to an end when he contacted Sweden’s Radiation Authority to ask if it was legal to try and split an atom at home. Needless to say they called the cops.

Want Sauce With That?


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Fukushima Claims First Victims

Three workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant have reportedly died. Officials have yet to name the cause of death. Hmm, let me see? RIP heroes.

UPDATE No need for concern but in the wake of the recent deaths Japan officials have just announced they are extending evacuation zone around plant.

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Just In Case You Were Wondering

Thats one gallon...

Hmm, yeah, about that radioactive water leaking from the Fukushima nuclear reactor. They are now pumping 6.6 million gallons of it out of the basement and into a makeshift storage area. Hmm,I hope when they say “makeshift storage area” they ain’t meaning “ocean”? Evidently they have to remove the water so the walking dead  Samurai 50 can fix those damn cooling systems. What, can’t they swim?


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America halts the import of all dairy products and produce that come from anywhere friggin near Japan’s leaking nuclear reactor.


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Nuclear Meltdown Imminent

Don't panic, its just health and safety regulations

OMG, nuclear experts are fearing the worst after Japan announced they were pouring seawater on the nuclear reactor to try and avoid a Chernobyl. One expert described their attempts as a ‘Hail Mary’ and was more an act of desperation than of a serious attempt at stopping what is already feared …MELTDOWN!!!! Oh shit get the sand and concrete ready people!!! Hmm, I’m off to eBay to find me a radiation proof snuggie!!!

UPDATE : It is now being reported up to 120 people may have been contaminated and suffering radiation poisoning. Many were patients from a nearby hospital who were forced to wait outside for evacuation.


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I’m Just Saying

Whose friggin idea was it to build friggin nuclear power plants on the most earthquake prone country in the world, huh? Come on, who? Friggin stupid!


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What’s a bit of Tritium With Your Chinese Fluoride?

Anyone want a glass of water?

OK, no need to panic people, but could the residents of Vernon please report any unusual sightings of animals, with say, three heads! Oh yeah and while we are on the subject of Vernon, officials of their nuclear power plant say they have finally stopped the radioactive substance, tritium, leaking into the groundwater. Never you mind, they say there is absolutely no detectable levels of the radioactive stuff in the Connecticut River or the drinking water wells (yet) despite two leaky pipes causing the tritium to seep into the soil and groundwater. Oh deary me, the big old scare was caused by a clogged drain.


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Three Mile Island Goes Offline

Oh this silly thing, I always jog in it!

OK, I don’t think it is anything to worry about, but I would avoid going in the vicinity of  Three Mile Island for awhile, just to be on the safe side. Seems there are a few minor oil leaks on two of the nuclear reactor coolant pumps. Again no need for panic, the oil isn’t radioactive. The reactor will be offline until the leaks are sealed, promise!


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