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WTF World?

embarrassedIf the outbreak of Ebola and the uprising of ISIS isn’t bad enough, Putin has warned the world , back off we have nuclear weapons. Seriously folks, I’m not sure I’m really ready for a nuclear war, in fact I don’t think I ever recovered from the emergency drills we had to do as kids at school in case Russia pushed the red button. Though after they showed us the movie Threads , it made hiding under a desk in a crouched position seem silly and futile, however it did escalate  my nightmares. Anywho, Preppers will be pleased and so too the bomb shelter making people.


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Dear Leader Wants A Fight

I don't want Klinger in the new series!

Hold onto your Pyongy beer people, North Korea said they are prepared to start a sacred war.Seems Kim Jong Il wasn’t impressed with South Korea’s live fire military exercises this week and has hinted he may pull out his big guns…nuclear weapons. Dear god, does this mean no more Hyundais ?


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World War III Has Only Just Begun

Well, well, well!!!!

Holy crap people , I don’t want to put a bummer on your week but Mr Baba Vanga, a prophet of some note (cough, cough), believes  WWIII has just begun (not pointing fingers at North Korea BUT!!!) . It will be nuclear, annihilate the crap out of the northern hemisphere and set the Muslims off on a war against surviving Europeans. It will end November 2014. Yippee! Hmm, sorry folks, Vanga has no idea who will win the Superbowl next year.

Psst If you want to check out his predictions for the future click here.

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