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Wait until I get my hands on you

Wait until I get my hands on you

Remember the nurse who shared in the 2 billion dollar lottery win in the US? You know, the one with the 7 kids who finished her shift before celebrating. Hmm, well it seems she actually didn’t win the lottery. Her son pranked her.  Awks.


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Don’t Annoy The Nurse

An Italian nurse has been bumping off patients she found annoying. Oh and she had also been killing patients whose relis were annoying too. The nasty nurse was caught after potassium was found in one of her victims. After further investigation they discovered 38 patients under her care had died . One of her work mates said the nurse was basically a cold hearted bitch recalling how she had once given a patient a powerful laxative at the end of one of her shifts to give the other nurses an enormous mess to clean up .


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Nurse Refuses To Perform CPR

An elderly woman died after a nurse at an aged care facility in California refused to perform CPR on an elderly patient despite a frantic 911 dispatcher pleading with her. Reason? Against the facility’s policy. She wouldn’t even pass the phone to someone willing to do it. Hmm, I wonder if it was a fellow nurse or staff member who had collapsed would she have been so callous? OK, I understand that some people sign a “do not resusitate” document when they enter such facilities but then why ring 911?   They obviously thought she could be saved. And anywho, even if the woman hadn’t have survived CPR  as a nurse you would think she would have at least TRIED. Humanity has gone to hell in a handbag.


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The Ultimate Defriending

Tribal council have spoken!

OK, here’s the thing Portland nurse, posting photos of a dying patient’s buttocks on your Facebook page and then making derogatory comments about them will result in a) Being fired from your job b) spending 8 days in jail c) prohibited from having a nursing license in the US  d) being banned from Facebook and other social media sites or  e) all of the above.


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RIP White Mouse

Nancy Wake the most decorated servicewoman of WWII has died at 98. A trained nurse and then spy, she became a key player in the French Resistance against the Nazis. She was so good at avoiding capture the gestapo eventually nicknamed her the white mouse. She lead them merry dance throughout the war by blowing up installations, distributing  weapons, delivering secret codes to the Allies on her bicycle and killing a few SS soldiers along the way.  Despite being awarded the highest decorations from the French , British and Americans , Wake received Jack from the country where she grew up, Australia because she was born in New Zealand (moved to Australia when she was 1) and never fought as an Australian servicewoman . In 2001 she left Australia telling the government of the time it “could stick their medals where the monkey stuck his nuts”. Attagirl. Three years later she had a change of heart and accepted the Companion of the Order of Australia. She passed away peacefully at her retirement home in west London. RIP White Mouse.
Lest We Forget

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Spontaneous Igniting Hand Gel

Don't know, something about hand gel!

Don't know, something about hand gel!

OMG, while the lads in British prisons are turning hand gel into alcohol, nurses in Sweden are turning theirs  into fireballs. Who knew hand gel could spontaneously ignite? Hmm, well investigations are underway into why a Swedish nurse’s hand suddenly caught fire while she was pushing a trolley in an elderly care home. One theories is, after having washed her hands with an alcohol based hand disinfectant, a spark caused by static electricity set her hand ablaze.Prior to the “blue flame of death” she had patted a dog and spoken to a patient wearing synthetic trousers. Nice detective work Sherlock! Hmm, starting to look like alcohol based hand gel is more dangerous than friggin swine flu.

Psst The nurse only receive minor injures to her hand because she was able to extinguish the flames out on her jeans waistcoat!


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