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Are You Nuts?

princess 2Holy Macadamia nut, Batman. Attention all chief flight attendants on Korean Airlines, when the daughter of the CEO is served nuts in a packet instead of a bowl without requesting them, expect to be thrown off the plane. It doesn’t matter if the plane is moving towards the runway, you damn well turn around and rid this plane of incompetence. For some unknown reason the pilots complied with the her. The incident delayed passengers for 11 minutes and has created a stir back in Seoul. Looks like the little princess may have caused daddy a few headaches as the Korean opposition party claim “She soiled the reputation of our flag carrier,”. Harsh.


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Nut Cracker Sweet

You know I hate to say it, but these dumbasses deserve what they get….a high octave voice for life!


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You’re Knuts!


Remember Knut, the polar bear rejected by it’s mom and raised by a zookeeper at a Berlin zoo? Well a animal rights activist claims it really is nuts. Too much human interaction has resulted in it developing behavioral problems, like imitating people taking photos with its paws. Sheez, now that is friggin psycho! Earlier this year PETA called for the poor friggin bear to be castrated so it wouldn’t breed with Gianna (his life partner) because they share a bloodline.

Psst So the other option is let it go back into the wild and be clubbed or shot?

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Baseball, Brings a Bee to It’s knees

Bingo the Bee, who is the Binghamton Mets mascot, had an unfortunate incident after his little dance routine following a grand slam. I don’t know how big bee’s balls are, but I think they may have got just a little bit bigger. Took the sting right out of his day. Look away men, it’s nasty…


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