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Punjab vs Oak Tree

Racist street dispute in BrisbaneSo when is changing the name of a street, racist? When the name is Punjab Place. Seems the residents at Boronia Heights in Brisbane really don’t like the name and think Oak Tree Place is more appropriate and prettier. So they have put in a petition to the local council to have it changed.  Oh dear, it seems  Developer Manjit Bopirai isn’t happy! Mr Bopirai is the guy who requested the name in the first place and is planning to fight the petition because he believes they are just being racist. Mr Bopirai says “It’s our heritage, it’s our money. We can name it whatever we like,”. Further more he added “I have never called Australia a racist country but in this instance I will.” Oh boy, meanwhile back at the residents camp, they believe the name Oak Tree is more appropriate considering it runs along Oak Tree Lifestyle Village. Anywho even the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin have joined in the fight saying “Regardless of whether this is just because one name is prettier than another, people in India would see it as a terrible slur.”

Psst Would Australians be upset if locals in India petitioned to change a street name that had connections to the land down under?


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