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There Is a Man In Iran With Only One Shoe

Protestor throws shoe at Iranian presidentWhen the Iranian president arrived home to Tehran following a trip to New York guess what he got for his troubles? A shoe thrown at him, that’s what.  Yep, evidently his little tongue wag with President Obama “Great Satan” over the phone  enraged some hardliners so someone hurdled a shoe. Careful guys thta could be a fatwa right there


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Obama Lookalike Cast As Satan

Coincidence? Seems many of the 13.1 million viewers of the History Channel’s tv series, The Bible, thought the devil looked remarkably like President Obama. What ya think?

Psst Ironically no one was the slight bit upset that the show represented “Satan” as a black man. Ah, how the times are a changing.

OK, he kinda has his eyes.

OK, he kinda has his eyes.


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Heads You Win, Tails You Win

They said it was a sure thing!!!

They said it was a sure thing!!!

Decisions , decisions. Pres Obama can wipe $1 trillion off the US deficit simply by requesting that the US Treasury mint a $1 trillion coin. Hmm, isn’t that like cheating? Anywho seems some financial experts are begging him to make the call.

Psst Isn’t that what Russia did and turned their Rubles into rubble?


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Hell, This is Obama, Get Tebow on the Line

OK here’s the thing, pretending to be President Obama when making repeated 911 calls in an attempt to speak with New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, is just going to get you an arresting. Oh and throwing your summons on the ground after being released, that’s an additional summons for littering. Have a nice day.


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Obama’s Birth Certificate Conspiracy Is Back!!!

Oh for crying out loud was he or wasn’t he born in Kenya? Seems Barack Obama’s literary agent is a bit confused as well because according to the 1991 bio they published, the US President was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. Acton & Dystel described Mr Obama as “the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, (who) was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii”. A few years later they repeated the same info in a different bio. Let the flood gates of Obama birth certificate conspiracies open.


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Newsreader Gives Obama the Finger

One of Russia’s top newsreaders has been sacked after she gave Obama the middle  finger while reading the US President’s name  live on air.  Oh those Russians.


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Obama Talks Marriage Without TOTUS

Oh my, it seems TOTUS-less Obama is finding it hard to articulate now, especially when it comes to talking about his marriage. I’m sure some of Obama’s relis weren’t overly impressed with his comments to reporters that he married his ‘cute’ wife to improve his ‘gene pool’. For the love of god can someone please return his friggin teleprompter ASAP!!!

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