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Top 10 Fattest States in the US

Worried about being obese? Well, if you belong to one of these States you probably are, so don’t sweat it! And anywho, if you are to believe the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  about 35.7% of all American adults are obese, so you are not alone.
03.West Virginia

And the winner of the fattest State is Mississippi with 34.9% of the population bursting at the seams. I’d say take a bow, but that could be risky.

Psst Colorado has the skinniest population.

Want fries with that?


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No More Fat Babies For You

Fat and pregnant? No worries.  UK doctors are giving overweight pregnant women diabetes pills to stop them producing chubby offsprings. So far 400 fat women have been prescribed metformin in the world first trial. Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?

Want sauce with that?


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Rapper Floored

A wannabe Aussie rapper who in 2006 fell through his lounge room floor, down to the ground below,  has failed in his bid to sue the Department of Housing for discrimination. Wayne Douglas, who weighed 250kg (550lbs) at the time, claims that the property was unable to support his weight thanks to termite damage (and his weight) resulting in the mishap. The court argued he was free  to refuse the property. His case was dismissed.

Psst Mr Douglas still lives in the house by the way…..”I am still in the house, it is still shit.”

Want sauce with that?


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The Brits Are Good At Something

OMG, put down those chip butties girls. It’s official. British women are now the fattest in Europe. Yep, a quarter of them are considered obese. I wouldn’t be snickering too loudly Duncan, one in five British men are as well. According to Eurostats the countries housing the fattest women are UK (23.9%), Malta (21.1%), Latvia (20.9%), Estonia (20.5%) and Hungary (18.8%). The countries housing the fattest mean are Malta (24.7%), UK, (22.1%), Hungary (21.4%), Czech Republic (18.4%) and Greece (17.6%).

Psst US and Ireland have higher obesity rates but aren’t included in the Eurostats. Hello, why is Ireland exempt?


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Obese Man Fused To Chair

Look away loons, this story is disturbing. A morbidly obese man, who had been fused to a chair for two years, has died. Yep, the Ohio man had been virtually living in his chair, not budging, while his two roommates (one his girlfriend) fed him. When police arrived they discovered that the unconscious man’s skin was fused to the fabric of the chair and he was sitting in feces, urine and maggots. They eventually had to cut him out of the chair before making a hole in the wall to get him out of the house and into a waiting ambulance. He died later in hospital.

Psst Evidently one of the police officers threw away his uniform after helping cut the man out of his chair.


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Marmot Eats a friggin Graham Cracker

I don’t know loons, is it me or is watching an obese marmot eating a friggin cracker the funniest thing you’ll see all day?


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Epic Rapper Fail

OMG, they are the biggest rapper man boobs I have ever seen. Sheez, and he don’t have to worry about no drive-by, ain’t  no bullets going to penetrate that…I’m just saying. Looks like he ate Mike Tyson!!!


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Even Hedgehogs Need To Watch Their Weight

The Scottish SPCA have put 12 hedgehogs on diets because they are so fat they can’t roll themselves into a ball to protect themselves. I know the feeling!


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My Body IS a Friggin Temple

Remember Mayra Rosales, the 1,000lb woman accused of killing her 2 year old nephew after claiming she accidentally fell him on him while babysitting? Come on surely you do? She’s the one who was too fat to be transported to jail. No? OK, well she has slimmed down to 800lb but is still a tad too obese to get into a courtroom to face trial. Defense lawyers are hoping to solve the logistical nightmare so prosecutors can get on with the case. Good luck with that.
Oh and while we are on the subject, Susi Spice covered another similar story of woe. A 350lb plus Cleveland woman recently pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter after killing her boyfriend by sitting on him. Dear god, it’s a jungle out there.


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Fatassed Turkeys

Holy oversized turkeys Batman. Tasmanian butchers have a crisis people. All their friggin Chrissie turkeys are oversized by up to 2kg, meaning many people wont be able to fit them in their ovens. Oh and don’t blame the breeders, blame the weather. Seems the cooler weather has made them birds, fat as! Geez, I wonder how long it would take to cook one of them suckers, 3 days at the least!


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