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3000kg of Pot Found Floating In the Ocean

Oh man, now I gotta cancel the party!

Attention people, has anyone lost 3000kg of cannabis? If so, you might want to give the US Coast Guard a buzz because they found it floating off the Southern California coast. The 160 bales of pot were found bobbing in the waves about 24km off shore with no vessel in sight. Police estimate  it has a street value of about $3million. Sheez, imagine how many Facebook shares you could buy with that?


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Gummy Bears Sacrificed in the Name of Science

Look away Binky, look away.University of Washington researchers are currently subjecting Gummy Bears to horrifically crushing depths in the ocean near Samoa in order to learn more about destructive waves. The pressure at these depths is 500 times greater than at the surface.It is feared many Gummy Bears may lose their life in the name of science.


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Osama’s Bin Buried

Osama Bin Laden needs a sea burial like he needs a hole in his head! Yep, Osama  is swimming with the fishes after being given a waterboarding  burial.In accordance with Islamic tradition they had 24 hours to bury the  terrorist so not wanting his burial place to become a shrine the US forces decided to dump him in the ocean. Fish fodder… how fitting but how scary. I can’t see the Islamic world taking to kindly to this.


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