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Lost In Space

One minute you are friggin awesome the next minute you are a work in progress. Yesterday the world was abuzz with the news of Elon Musk’s Space X launch. Yay Elon. Now it seems its orbit will be the asteroid belt and not Mars. The little convertible car shot into space has overshot its target and now it faces a grim future. If it survives being pummeled by flying rocks it will likely disintegrate from harsh radiation and cosmic rays. Sheez, I hope those aliens aren’t watching,  this is so awks.

PSST – They are broadcasting live from the little red car with a Stig lookalike dummy. Here is hoping we see it get hit by an asteroid.


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One Misguided Emperor Penguin

A wayward emperor penguin who found himself eating sand on a New Zealand beach 3200km from Antarctica will have to find his own way home. Yep, New Zealand’s Department of Conservation are saying “NO” to returning the 10 month old penguin to his family, who are all sitting in the dark wondering where the hell is he! It’s swim or die. I hear they taste like chicken?

Psst Surely a zoo would take a one misguided emperor penguin?


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