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Cops Can Get Tasered Too!

You know what I hate? When you drive 2 times over the legal limit from McDonalds, go through a stop sign and then fall asleep in the middle of a intersection and then get tasered by your fellow police officers. I really hate that. Seth Castillo an off duty police officer was found slumped behind the wheel of his Jeep Cherokee after spending a night drinking. When fellow cops tried to wake the snoring Castillo he became hostile and aggressive so they really had no choice but to taser him. Hmm, that’s what 24 beers mixed with ritalin will do.


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Gun Tragedy

You know what I hate? When a three year old gets hold of his daddy’s gun and accidentally shoots his three year old cousin dead. I really friggin hate that. Ooh, did I happen to mention the kid’s father is a police officer. The incident happened when the off duty officer went to retrieve something from his car. His son picked up the gun from the driver’s side door and pulled the trigger, killing the little girl instantly.Tragic.

Psst Aren’t they suppose to be on lock?


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