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When The System Plays God

Today Troy Davis was put to death by lethal injection for the killing of an off-duty policeman in 1989. For the 22 years he’s been languishing behind bars waiting for the needle to be placed into his arm to make his heart stop beating  he has declared his innocence. Yes, he was at the scene, that can’t be denied. Yes, there were witnesses but Davis swore he didn’t have a gun nor did he pull the trigger. However the jury found him guilty and chose for him to cease to walk amongst us. Over the two decades that Troy has been patiently waiting on death row new evidence emerged that another man at the scene was indeed the culprit. Three members of the jury at the 1991 trial also have come forward expressing doubts about their verdict. Despite all of this, the state Of Georgia refused to allow an investigation  into the new findings but instead they preferred to take a life rather than remove all doubts. Troy’s final words were for the family of the slain policeman “I’d like to address the MacPhail family. Let you know, despite the situation you are in, I’m not the one who personally killed your son, your father, your brother. I am innocent,”
Whatever your thoughts about the death sentence, a system that isn’t foolproof and can allow one innocent person to die is unacceptable.

Psst I hope for everyone’s sakes he was guilty because that’s one  mighty big friggin call.


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Just Blowing In The Wind!

Word of warning man in Merc, do not stand up and expose yourself through your sunroof in front of an off duty cop and his family, even if you do live in Florida. That’s an arresting right there!


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Don’t Mess With Clowns


OK, here’s the thing teen trying to rob a clown, make sure he’s not an off duty Chicago police officer or he’ll shoot you dead! The officer, who had been helping out as a clown at a children’s fundraiser was approached by a teen for money. When he said he didn’t have any, the kid pulled  gun. One thing lead to another and the clown ended up shooting the teen dead after grabbing the gun.


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Ding Dong Druggie Calling

You know times are tough when people start selling weed and crack door to door. Unfortunately for Eric Godbolt he knocked on the home of an off duty officer making his home business short lived .

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A Technicolor Yawn to Finish Off The Night

Oh for goodness sakes, just because you’re drunk Matthew Clemmens doesn’t mean you can just go around vomiting on little kids! Captain Michael Vangelo was off duty when he decided to take his two daughters to a Phillies game as a treat, but the evening ended up becoming a living nightmare. Having combated the vile language and the occasionally flying beer, the night ended with his 11 year old daughter being sprayed with vomit. Matthew Clemmens, who was sitting behind them allegedly intentionally put his fingers down his throat to induce vomit and then proceeded to let rip. Seems he wasn’t too happy about his mate being evicted from the game earlier on in the night. Captain Vangelo and several fans helped to hold Mr Clemmens down until police were able to haul him away.

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Aliens in Wiltshire

Hey guys, that human is waving at us!

Hey guys, that human is waving at us!

OK, at least there is one thing going for him, he is a police officer. An off duty cop claims he saw aliens (not illegal ones, friggin beam me up Scotty types) after he was out examining a crop circle in Wiltshire. He said he saw three of them, 6ft tall and blond, but when he called out to them they ran off “faster than any man he had ever seen”. During the close encounter the policeman said he heard “the sound of static electricity”. Well alrighty then it must be aliens!

Psst They must have stopped to admire the crop circle … primitive art!


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