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Don’t Mention The War

Oi, copyright infringement!

Oi, oi, oi, when Lisa Marie Thompson decided to get personalized licence plates for her boyfriend Andrew Ryan, she really wasn’t really thinking of the ramifications. Hmm, not until she received a complaint from a pissed off motorist, who I suspect was Jewish. Yes, for 4 years she had been driving around with “ARYAN1” on her plates (FYI she is no longer with boyfriend).Transport officials in New Zealand are refusing to have the plate withdrawn because it would be a breach of Ms Thompson’s rights and Ms Thompson says she has no intention of handing them in.


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Spotted Richard Anyone?

Spotted Dick name change because too offensiveHere’s the thing people, if you get way too much sniggering over the dish “Spotted Dick” on your canteen menu, by all means change it to “Spotted Richard” but they are still gonna laugh.  A canteen at Flintshire County Council offices have changed the name of the traditional dish on all their menus after a few childish remarks were made about the name. Hmm, so it is now being referred to as a Spotted Richard which has got the political correctness mafia all aghast!

Psst I fear I would be one of those people making a childish remark too !


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