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Kittens For Your Office

With a kitty crisis in New Zealand, SPCA and Uber are joining forces to offer a Friday “kitten in your office” to companies around Wellington . For $30 you can have a little feline delivered to your office and let loose around your work space. The 15 minute visit is designed to inspire people to adopt a pet. When the idea was first tested in the USA over 300 kittens were adopted. Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?

cat lol 35

PSST You can book a kitty via the Uber app.


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This Is What We Think Of Your Party!

New South Wales police are looking for the person/s responsible for smearing poo on the outside of the  Greens office in Sydney. NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge who condemned the attack said it could have been in response to a Sydney Morning Herald article which described the Australian political party as evil, hypocritical and “whoring”. Hmm well, on the bright side, at least the attack was environmentally friendly and biodegradable!


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Some People Have All The Luck


and I can type 100 words a minute!


Picture this, you toddle off for a lunch break at work only to return and find a naked man at your computer watching porn.Awkward! When confronted Curtis John Halberstadt (57) told the befuddled office worker he was “cleaning and trying to make some money.” Hmm, pausable. Oklahoma police arrested the naked guy.

Psst Might want to wash down your seat and keyboard..I’m just saying!

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Wanker In The Workplace

OMG, OMG, OMG, Michael Lallana has been charged with jerking off into a female colleague’s bottle of water TWICE and each time the poor soul drank it. Ewh, ewh, ewh. It is believed Mr Lallana snuck into the woman’s office and masturbated into her water bottle which was on the desk. She told police after drinking from the bottle she had felt sick and had thrown it away. The second time it happened she kept the bottle and had it tested. I suspect she went a little pale when told the water contained semen. After a DNA check of staff  Mr Lallana was arrested.


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