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Exploding Friggin Churros

Holy exploding Churros Batman. A Chilean newspaper has been forced to pay compo of $125,000 to 13 people after they received burns after following a recipe published in their paper. Hmm, evidently the suggested temperature to make the donut like sweet meant the oil had a good chance of exploding and sending the Churros airborne…..which in some chases did!


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No Honey, It’s Not Suntan Oil!!!!

I have tried to avoid writing about the oil spill because, basically, I am lost for words. It’s a catastrophe beyond belief, not just for humans but for the poor defenseless wildlife. However, I did find this vid of a man reporting from Destin Beach in Florida, where children were swimming in friggin oil, and found it so disturbing I thought I would share …..


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Jesus tries to walk on oil

I just went for a dip!

Holy Silkwood Batman. Jesus Mares was arrested after he waded into oil contaminated waters off Grand Isle after it had been shut down. Authorities had to defriggindecontaminate him  after fears his body was exposed to dangerous shit. Once released from the decontamination unit he was booked with criminal trespassing. Hmm, OK, so it’s brown, sticky and friggin dangerous!!!!! Is there anything else you would like to avoid telling us?

UPDATE : Hmm, it seems that Jesus Mares was merely walking along the beach to view the oil spill when he was approached by employees of BP and an officer. Mr Mares was subsequently escorted back to his car where they searched his car without his consent. Mr Mares is currently trying to clear his name and the friggin criminal record he now has. You can read about Mares version of events here KBTX.

Psst Since when is it illegal to view something that is deemed criminal in the first place? It is amazing how BP have managed to place their spin on the situation with the full backing of authorities. Who’s running the country?


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