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John Travolta and Olivia Newton John’s New Christmas Song

This was just released on YouTube….holy mother of plastic surgery and paint on hair. Warning , this can not be unseen.


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An Angel Told Me To Do It

Holy Xanadu Batman, an angel who looked a lot like Olivia Newton John (pre botox), evidently ordered Hemy Neuman to shoot dead his co worker’s hubby, Russell Sneiderman, because he believed he was the father of  the co-worker’s children.Oh did I forget to mention Mr Neuman claims he was also visited by a demon that sounded a lot like Barry White . Hmm, that’s if you are to believe Mr Neuman’s insanity plea. A more likely story is Mr Neuman was hopelessly devoted to Andrea Sneiderman and was the one that he wanted so he bumped off Mr Sneiderman so he could have her all to himself.

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Olivia Newton John’s Ex Is Alive

Everyone stop looking Olivia Newton John’s ex has been found alive and kicking his feet up in a Mexican fishing village. Hmm, I am sure his ex wife will be tickled pink. Patrick McDermott went missing, presumed dead, in 2005 during a fishing trip after splitting up with the songstress (and wannabe actress). His vanishing act caused raised eyebrows especially as he conveniently avoided having to pay child support. An investigator uncovered Mr McDermott’s second life in the sleepy of Sayulita where he works on a tourist yacht. No longer hopelessly devoted!

Psst I thought they had found him ages ago?


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