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Unfortunate really for German Olympic team.



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Anyone Want The Winter Olympics?

applaudOh dear, thanks to Putin’s extravagant $51 billion dollar effort, no country seems to want the 2022 Winter Olympics. After a mass exodus there are now only two cites vying,  Beijing and Almaty in Kazakhstan.

The Loon proposal. For years I have becried the wicked waste of money countries spend hosting the Olympic Games (both Summer and Winter). I don’t understand why they don’t build a global stadium in Greece for the Summer Olympics . The 204 countries who participate should all initially fork out $5 million each (poorer countries pay a reduced fee) to help build the facility. That would give them around $51 billion. Every 4 years a country is chosen to host the games in that “global facility”. Then we would have the poorer countries having the opportunity to host. The same could go for the Winter Olympics.

If the Channel Ten Network in Australia alone  could forked out $20 million to have the rights to screen the Winter Olympics then surely some of those fees should help  cover the maintaining of the facilities.


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Do wee really need to know?

Seems that the US Olympian swimmers aren’t bashful about admitting to peeing in the pool and in fact they are proud of it. After Ryan Lochte fessed up to letting it trickle in the Olympic pool while warming up in London , Michael Phelps has also come of  the water closet too.


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London Olympics

Did any other sucker wake up at 3.30 to watch the opening ceremony of the London Olympics? Probably not! Anywho, I did and, regrets, I have a few. I thought  everything was either way too long or way too short and self indulgent for my liking.  Did Beckham boat it from Ireland, it took for friggin EVER? The best part was Mr Bean messing with Vangelis  and the Queen bailing from a helicopter with 007. And as for no mention of Elton John ….disgraceful.

As the for the Australian Lawn Bowlers they were a tad unruly. Hmmm, probably got restless waiting , waiting, waiting….


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You Tweet!

Imagine training for years and years to qualify for the Olympics only to have your dreams shattered by a tweet. Introducing Greek triple jumper Voula Papachristou. She tweeted this “with so many Africans in Greece, at least the mosquitoes of West Nile will eat homemade food” and now has been booted off the Olympic team. Hmm, that will be something to tell the grandkids!


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Might Be Some Vacant Seats

Military Rifle Shooting event could be fun!

Hey, guess who’s got hundreds of tickets to the London Olympics? Colonel Gaddafi’s son Muhammad al-Gaddafi. Oh yeah, he’s head of Libya’s Olympic committee. OK, settle loons, he won’t be using them, the dude’s banned from entering Britain. Bummer. I guess Mugabe will have to sit it out alone!


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