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One Hour Dildo Delivery Service

WELL, WELL, WELL, aren’t you guys the entrepreneurial ones? Babeland, a New york City sex store, have teamed up with a bike courier company to create the one hour sex toy delivery service for those frustrated Yankies. And if you are worried about being sprung by the neighbors, no probs, it’s delivered in a discreet looking box. Sheez, I hope batteries are included!!! The company says that  business is banging booming with hotel guests being their biggest fans.

Want sauce with that?


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Toilet Terror On Airlines

OK, when he comes out we will all jump him, agreed?

OK people, now that we know there are massive holes in America’s homeland security… hello, even Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s father had warned the US of his son’s fanatical ways…you don’t want to be upchucking in no toilet anytime soon. Some poor Nigerian passenger who was decidedly ill on a Delta Airlines flight caused a scare after he spent an hour in the toilet. Worried flight crew eventually extracted him from his safe haven  and that’s when became verbally abusive. OK, I can see the concern, because it was the same friggin route , airline and flight number as Abdulmutallab and he was Nigerian to boot. Come on people, you can never be too careful after the horse has bolted. Anywho, after being taken into custody and interviewed they were pretty much satisfied the guy was really sick.


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