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They Are Some Balls

I don’t know guys, having a 45kg scrotum, can’t be good. A Las Vegas man, Wesley Warren Jr, is desperately trying to raise a million bucks to have the scrotal elephantiasis removed.The rare condition, which afflicted Mr Warren only 3 years ago, is usually caused by tropical mosquitoes which spread a friggin parasitic infection. Hmm, I wonder if it works on breasts? Nah, just pass me the bug spray? However Mr Warren, who has never set foot in a tropical place in his life believes his scrotum began growing after he caught it in his leg while twisting in bed.  Either way he has to carry a milk crate around to rest the enormous mass.


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A Bath Of Eels Can Be A Dangerous Thing!

A little community service announcement  for men. If someone tells you that taking a bath with live eels will make you look ten years younger, make sure you have adequate protection for your penis before attempting it. You don’t want one of those slippery little 6inch suckers squirming their way up your willy then into your bladder, now do you? Poor Vain Zhang Nan knows the feeling, he thought the eels would just eat all the dead layers of skin off his body and not take a joy ride up his penis. Hmm, though I must say he does look a whole lot younger!


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Happy Feet Update

I know you are all wondering what happened to the wayward Emperor penguin which found its way onto a New Zealand beach after taking a wrong turn to Antarctica. Well, Happy Feet (so not original) is currently recovering from an operation to remove beach sand from its gut after it began eating it to try and keep cool. OK, not so bright Happy Feet thought the sand was friggin ice . Yep, not the sharpest tool in NZ the shed! Anywho, if the penguin survives they may consider returning it home. Hmm, but at the moment it is quite content to lie on a bed of party ice at the Wellington zoo.


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Blade Runner

Oh shit, no wonder he had a splitting headache!

Urgh, a man has had a knife removed from his head after 3 friggin years. Originally Brazilian doctors told him there was no friggin way they were going to attempt to remove the blade from the front of his head. Hello, brain damage and a lawsuit from hell. But poor Edeilson Nascimento had one big continual headache for three years so a team of seven doctors finally removed it this week. I’m guessing Nascimento won’t be getting into anymore bar fights.

Psst Sheez, imagine the pain when he sneezed?

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Kidney Transplant Via The Vagina

Here it comes!

Hey ladies, would you be tempted to become a kidney donor if they could remove it via  your vagina?  The Methodist Hospital  are going to study whether it is a safer and less painful way for a kidney donor to have their organ removed for a transplant op. Last year a doctor successfully extracted a kidney through a woman’s vagina (like she was having a baby) rather than by abdominal incision. The study will include analyzing the amount of bacteria the kidney must past through when coming out via the vagina!


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