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Extra Meat

Well, well, well according to health officials in Oregon the dead mouse found in a Subway’s Italian sub came from the spinach supplier and apparently causes no health risk to Subway customers. Nawww, a Subway coffin.

dead mouse


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Cat 1 Family 0

You know I had to post this Susi Spice. Some silly family in Oregon claim their big pussy cat Lux attacked their baby then held the family and the dog hostage in the bedroom. The cat evidently went psycho after the owner kicked him in the butt in response to him attacking the 7 month old baby. They had to ring the police to get rescued. Hmm, who’s the pussy now?


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Chicken Sitting Service Anyone?

Break it up guys

Hey, hey, hey, break it up guys

If you want someone to sit your chickens, there is a woman in Oregon who’ll do it. Yep, she has already had 20 offers after she advertised her “chicken sitting” services on flyers around town. The idea sprung into her head after she was employed to look after 200 of her friends feathered friends.


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Man Seeking Kidney

Man holds up sign seeking kidney donorYou know in this day and age the last thing you expect to see on the side of the road in the US is a young man holding up a sign seeking a kidney donor. Earl Martinez (28) from Oregon has a genetic kidney disease but doesn’t need money, just a kidney. And yes, he has insurance that will cover not only his medical costs but the donor as well. Unfortunately Earl’s family can’t offer one of their own because it is a genetic disease, so he is hoping someone who sees his sign (and wants to give up a kidney)  might just come forward. Currently he has to receive dialysis treatments for four hours three times a week.


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Tight Squeeze

What’s more embarrassing than having to be rescued after falling down a gap between two buildings? Having a bunch of firefighters use an airbag and lubricant to squeeze you out, that’s what. The embarrassing little predicament happened in Oregon and it took rescuers four hours to free the woman from the 10 gap…. but it may take years for it to removed from YouTube.


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Porn Watching Burglar Caught

Why are the keys sticking?

OK, it’s one thing breaking into random people’s homes  surf the net for porn on their computers but leaving behind lubricant and towels is just friggin gross. Now go wash your hands…sheez!!! The Oregon porn watching burglar was arrested and police say they have enough evidence to make the charges stick (ewh).


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Scorn Marketing

Hmm, someone isn’t happy that their hubby left them for someone younger. The newly single Oregon woman, who is now forced to sell the family home, says “I want everyone to know I am hurt. I am scorned. I am bitter. I am sad,”

Psst If you look closely at the bottom of the sign it reads “Adulterers need not apply,”


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What A Hoot


Ewh, step away from the water in Weston folks, its full of owl poop. Yep, a public works employee in the small town in Oregon discovered E.Coli bacteria in the water and went to investigate. Hmm, seems an itty bitty owl has built a nest over the town’s water supply and has been using it as a toilet. The water is currently unsafe to drink.

Psst And no FF, I haven’t got footage of the owl in action!


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Where There Is Smoke


OK, the moral of the story is never use a hole in the floor as an ashtray. Firemen raced to a house in Oregon after the dumbass residents used a hole in their floor as the community ashtray. That’s $30,000 worth of fire damage right there.


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Do You Know Where That’s Been?


Oh for the love of god, it’s bad enough when you have to have a colonoscopy, worse when you discover that the scope they used up your butt hadn’t been properly disinfected. Urgh, seems like the scope could have been up 4 random butts before ending up in hers. Despite the hospital claiming it was only one of six steps missed and the patient was at an extremely low risk of infection that’s no consolation for the unnamed patient. Poor thing now has to undergo several rounds of HIV and STD tests. Damn straight she is suing the St. Charles Medical Center-Bend in Oregon.


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