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British Water Affecting Otters’ Penis Bones

What about the beavers???

What about the beavers???

Well British loons, it seems the weight of otters’ penis bones are decreasing. What the hell does that even mean? Experts are saying the reason for this is the chemicals found in British waterways. The male otters are also suffering from an increase in undescended testicles and cysts on sperm-carrying tubes. One doctor says this is an early warning sign to all mammals including humans. Dear god a decreasing penis bone is not what you want.

Want sauce with that?


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Easy Mistake

Not one, but three different people reported seeing  a snowmoblier with a black helmet and dark clothing drowning in a lake in Maine, sparking a full scale rescue . An airboat was dispatched to fly over the ice covered water to spot any holes in the ice where a hapless snowmoblier could have fallen through. Zip, nada, nothing. Officials later concluded that the witnesses more than likely had seen an otter having a little frolic after discovering a bloodstained section of ice where the little creature had been feeding on crawfish.


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Ring Of Bright Water

Geez, you would think Houston could handle a couple of wayward sea otters. Seems the mischievous pair got loose on a Continental Airlines flight causing a 80 minute delay. On any other day this wouldn’t even make the news!

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