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Ding Dong

Alas poor Julia. I knew her,  Kevin. A woman of infinite jest.  And like every great Shakespearean tragedy the antagonist gets it in the back just when they least expect it. Exit stage left.

Psst For those of you unaware, our Prime Minister , Julia Gillard, got ousted by the same man she stabbed in the back to get into the top position 3 years ago.

Too soon to joke?

Too soon to joke?


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When Amish Go Wild

How does a group of Amish rejects reap their revenge after they have been ousted from their community? They sneak back in and cut off the men and women’s hair, that’s how. A group of Ohio Amish misbehaviors who were shown the door are believed to behind the attacks that left men with short raggedy beards and women with hacked to hell hair. Spiteful!


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Being Addicted to Fame Isn’t Enough Honey!

You know you’re an attention whore when you sign up for Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew but have no friggin addiction. Tsk,tsk, tsk, Michaele Salahi, go back to being a housewife! The desperate housewife of DC got ousted from the show when they realized she had no addiction problem. Oh well,  back to the drawing board.

Psst Salahi claims she went on the show to seek help for Multiple Sclerosis. Hmm, wouldn’t you want Oprah for that?


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Money Has A Way Of Creating The Cone Of Silence

Here’s a question for you. If for the last 30 years ousted Egyptian President Mubarak had been accumulating assets and wealth worth between $5 – $64 Billion, why the hell was the US sending the country  $1.5 Billion  a year in foreign aid? They knew damn well he was a thieving, no good, corrupt tyrant and the people were not benefiting. I bet there was absolutely no accountability for that money, nor any paperwork of where it was actually spent. Hello, Western intelligence even knew that during the 18 days of protesting Mubarak was busily moving his wealth to untraceable accounts overseas including London , New York, Paris and Beverley Hills (sounds like a friggin ELO song!). BUT did anyone do anything about it? OK, Switzerland claim they have frozen  his accounts but the majority of his wealth had already been removed before then. The irresponsibility of governments around the world is friggin frightening. The role of government should be, first and foremost, looking after it’s own people, not lining the pockets of these foreign despots for the sake of friggin oil. Now leave me be whilst I go fill my car with $2.50 a litre of unleaded.

Want sauce with that?


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