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Everybody Duck

explosionMight want to don your stackhats today loons, an unmanned Russian spacecraft is hurtling to Earth and no one has a clue where it is going to kaboom. The doomed craft was suppose to resupply the International Space station but a little mishap means it could land on your noggin. The Russians have their fingers crossed that the majority of the craft will just burn up on re-entry but debris could still cause issues.


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Shhh, You’re In A Shopping Mall

The Dee Why Grand shopping mall in Sydney has just introduced a new policy for out-of-control snowflakes, be quiet or leave. Evidently there have been so many complaints about kids running amok they have been forced to introduce a crack down. The centre manager said “People deserve the quiet enjoyment of their cup of tea,”

Noisy children banned from shopping mall


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Hamsters Breed Like Hamsters

A man in Massachusetts rolled up to an animal shelter begging for help after his two pet hamsters got jiggy with it and left him with nearly 100 more. The breeding got so out of hand he no longer could afford to feed himself as the demanding little critters ate him out of house and home. There is a moral somewhere in this story!


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Incoming Toxic Satellite

Hey loons, remember me talking about that Russian satellite Phobos-Grunt? You know , the one expected to crash to earth anytime soon! Well, about that, seems the friggin thing is full of seriously toxic fuel making it one of the most toxic falling satellites ever. Oh and there is even more great news. The friggin thing could crash Down Under. Assume the crash position Aussie loons and don those hard hats until further notice.


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Duck Everybody, the Phobos-Grunt Probe Is Coming Down!

Has anyone heard of the Phobos-Grunt probe? And No, it has nothing to do with aliens…ah never mind. It’s a Russian spaceship, which was intended to be heading to Mars, but got stuck in the wrong orbit after blast off and is now out of control and expected to crash land somewhere on earth. Oh that’s just friggin dandy, has anyone seen my hard hat?.  And yes, we are getting the usual spiel about “don’t panic” the likelihood of it landing on someone’s noggin is near to none.

Want sauce with that?


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Yeah, About That Satellite Crashing To Earth

OK loons, about this satellite that is expected to plunge to Earth anytime soon, NASA now say we might have to dodge up to 26 pieces!!!! Yep, you heard me, 26 chunks are likely to survive re-entry and where they land no one friggin knows. Hmm, well that dramatically increases the odds of getting whacked on the head, now doesn’t it?  Oh but don’t bother ringing NASA, they are wiping their hands of the whole thing, saying even if they tracked it from  re-entry they couldn’t predict where or who the hell the pieces  were going to hit. The thing is spinning out of control. All they know is the majority of the satellite will melt and burn but about half a ton is coming to get us on Thursday, Friday, Saturday soon.


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And Cue Hard Hats!!!!

Remember that 35ft,  6-ton Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite that is tumbling out of control and expected  to crash into Earth sometime real soon? Well, NASA say it’s going to be Friday, no Thursday, no wait it could be Saturday. Oh for goodness sakes just keep one eye glued to the sky for the next week OK!!!

Psst Dear god and you believe these people managed to deliver a live telecast from the moon in 1969!!!! Blahahahahahaaha


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This Is The Very Reason For Sick Bags

I certainly hope this was a hoax. Apparently the footage is of a Russian Ministry of Defense Tupolev-154 plane after it lost control shortly after take-off. Fortunately for staff there was no vomit to clean up as no passengers were reportedly on the plane at the time.

Psst I have to make special  mention of wonderbouy’s comment on Youtube…… ” i find this video hard to masturbate to” …classic!


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