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Really? You Cancelled The New York Marathon

Get out of the friggin way, we’re coming through!!!!

The latest victim of Hurricane Sandy is the New York Marathon. Seems some people have an issue with holding the event this the weekend when there are still people without power, livelihoods or homes. Insensitive?  Oh come on, they would only be using a few hundred generators … give them candles (it will only be for a few hours). And anywho, it isn’t like the city is going to be congested, there ain’t no fuel. OK, OK, the runners may have to hurdled over a few overturned obstacles like tree trunks, water logged cars, dangling cranes, dirty dead rats, garbage….   but that will make it even more friggin exciting people!!!! The only bummer would  be for the winner, as punching the air would have looked quite naff considering.


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Pretty In Pink

OK, here’s the thing Italian advertising agency, making a fashion ad featuring Hitler in friggin pink, with a heart armband instead of the swastika, is only gonna get you  grief. Duh! The giant poster which was placed on a billboard in Palermo, Sicily, has enraged the locals. The agency defended their work by saying the caption “Change Your Style. Don’t Follow Your Leader.” was intended to ridicule the Nazi dictator not “minimize his crimes”. Hmm, not according to the local association of partisans who said  it is offensive, especially to everyone who fought against fascism and should be removed immediately. Oh crap, if they hated that billboard wait until next month when it’s replaced with Mao, China’s communist dictator!


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