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Oven Cleaner Is Not A Cure For Hiccups

Woman hospitalized after being given oven cleaner to cure hiccupsOh no, a woman is in intensive care after staff at a Queensland restaurant gave her a glass of oven cleaner to rid her of her hiccups. Whoopsie, that was suppose to be vinegar. Seems the oven cleaner bottle was right next to the vinegar bottle and well, you can probably guess the rest.

Psst I know what you’re all thinking, they should have just crept up on her and went “boo”.


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You Can’t Do That!

Did I say you could ring?

Did I say you could ring?

OK, here’s the thing Wendy’s employees, don’t ring 911 if you haven’t got permission, even if you suspect someone put something poisonous in your drink. Sara Barahona was working at the Jacksonville Wendy’s branch when she took a sip of her drink and thought it tasted odd. When she lifted the lid it was white and foamy. After feeling a bit whoosie she rang 911 but was later reprimanded by her boss for not seeking permission first. It was later determined her drink had been spiked with oven cleaner!


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