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Wedding Owl Fail

A stunt owl who was hired to deliver rings at a wedding ceremony decided to make a run/fly for it but didn’t count on there being a window in his escape exit.

PSST Don’t fear animal lovers, Max the owl was fine, just a nasty headache.


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What A Hoot


Ewh, step away from the water in Weston folks, its full of owl poop. Yep, a public works employee in the small town in Oregon discovered E.Coli bacteria in the water and went to investigate. Hmm, seems an itty bitty owl has built a nest over the town’s water supply and has been using it as a toilet. The water is currently unsafe to drink.

Psst And no FF, I haven’t got footage of the owl in action!


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Chihuahua vs Great Horned Owl

Want a piece of me?

Chico is one damn lucky Chihuahua and must be eternal grateful to his owner for dressing  him in his doggy jacket or he may have ended up owl bait. George Kalomiris was walking his 4lb pooch in Illinois when a friggin great horned owl swooped down and attempted to take off with Chico. Fortunately the owl couldn’t get a really good grip, thanks to the slippery doggy jacket and failed to lift the shocked Chihuahua too far off the ground. Meanwhile Mr Kalomiris was hanging tightly to the lead. In the end Chico suffered only a few scratches and bruises plus a big friggin fear of the dark.


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